Dogs In Style  Burpengary

  Dog Grooming Salon

Hydrobath from $25

  •   Brush out
  •  Warm Hydrobath and then a hand wash to ensure your pet is thoroughly clean
  •  Ears cleaned
  •  Nails trimmed
  •  Towel dry and quick blowdry, (full blowdry available at an extra cost)
  •  Cologne
  •   Doggy treat

Grooming from $65

  •  Brush out
  • Warm Hydrobath and then a hand wash
  • Ears cleaned
  • Nails trimmed
  • Full blow dry 
  • Clipping/Scissoring
  • Cologne
  •  Doggy treat

Colour from $10
Why not have your pets ears and tail dyed for some fun

DYEX is 100% dog friendly, classified as semi-permanent but it can last longer on some coats more than others (less time in very soft coats, and longer in coarser type coats). If it takes to the hair well then the dye will fade and grow out over about 6 months.